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I have a hard time saying that I am an artist, even though that is what I am. So, when people ask me… What do you do? ... I answer… I paint and I also gather fun stuff that will probably be of some use to create something.

I have a small workplace that I like to call "my space" and I also have a kind of ritual which is drinking "mate" and listening to the radio before I start my work.

I enjoy painting many different things: shapes, colors, compositions that call my attention daily (like the street, the shops, and the route) and function as a trigger of ideas.

I enjoy randomness, but as Bacon say, "Manipulated randomness", to stain and to use my hand or whatever I have close by to paint, to trace, to graffito on canvas; I need to be able to feel it.

When I paint I transform myself, I follow shapes as if something were pushing my hand, searching for images, searching for light.

In a previous stage, my paintings were highly charged and darker (it was like writing in another language). Nowadays, my paintings are significantly clearer, more "washed", some of these by using the "Wash Technique". My paintings invite the spectator to get closer, to touch them, to observe them.

The spectator is their complement.

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