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Ana Kljajo is an artist that was born in Buenos Aires, on December 28, 1951. Ana's parents were Croatian. She began studying kinesiology at UBA (University of Buenos Aires), degree that she never reached because she decided to move to General Pico – La Pampa, City where she resides and works nowadays.

In General Pico, Ana studied at the "Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes" (Institute of Fine Arts) reaching the degree of "Maestra de Artes Visuales" (Teacher in Visual Arts) in 1997, and the degree of "Profesora de Dibujo en la Especialidad de Pintura" (Art teacher specialized in Painting) in 1998.

Since that date on she has been exposing her paintings, always taking different courses and training workshops. She has also acted as a Jury in several contests, received several awards and has exhibited at group and solo exhibitions, some of these in the City of Buenos Aires, in various points of the Country and abroad.

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